Hello! This is tutorial for you as an Erasmus student in Vilnius University.
This tutorial is about how to login into Vilnius University VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

In order to login you must have an account that was send to You by email from: e-registracija@vu.lt
Letter subject: Message from Identity Manager System of Vilnius University (ers14nnn)

You should receive this email on the 4th of February or on the 14th of February (2014).

Please, double check your mailbox for this letter above!!!
You should receive this email into that box, which you written, when you registered your Erasmus program.
If you still did not receive and/or not found that email above, please contact e-registracija@vu.lt in order to create an account.

If you already have an account, you can continue login procedure:


Enter your login information: Login and Password.
2. This is username field. Enter your username. It usually starts with ers...
3. This is password field. Enter your password.
4. Click on LOGIN button to login.

If you succeded to login
then you should see this:
5. You can see your name and surname. This means that you logged in successfully
6. This section is very important. Here you will see your chosen courses. If there are any mistakes, for example, course is missing or there are too much of them, please contact Rita Vienazindiene (rita.vienazindiene@cr.vu.lt)

If you failed to login
There is only one problem - your password.
If you do not know your password, or you have forgotten, you should go to the https://svid.vu.lt/

7. Enter your username. It is usualy starts with ers...
9. Click on "Forgot Password?" link, to reset your password.

As you can see in picture, for any further questions, please contact us by email e-registracija@vu.lt
Good luck!